Dream Reformation Association Cameroon partnered with The Missy BK Foundation and economically empowered some women in Banjah Community in Bamenda with knowledge on Omo production, a liquid and solid detergent that plays an important role in home cleaning, in and out laundry of all categories. This followed a one month project that saw Dream reformation team and volunteers training women groups in Bamenda, last April.

Empowering a woman with skills and knowledge on how to generate income independently can sustain homes and bring about financial independence to many women, especially those in the divisions who depend daily on stipends from their husbands for their upkeep and in running the home.”we decided to embark on this giant project to train women in the production of Omo because through focused group discussions and a survey our research team conducted,we found out that Omo,a sanitary detergent is mostly demanded by women at home.They need it to clean their dresses,that of their children, husbands and relatives. They need Omo to mop the house and to clean the toilet.If they are given knowledge and practical experience on how to produce this product,you will see that back in their various quarters,they shall be able t provide this commodity at home,sell some and make money and gradually, you will see that you have given them financial independence and financial viability.


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