Due to the increasing popularity of TV programs, the interest in local theatre is waning. Dream Reformation Association Cameroon (DRACAM) wants to counteract this development by bringing theatre to the people.

DRACAM is currently working on a theatre for development project with our two interns from Germany and Estonia, Franziska Pich (project coordinator theatre for development), Claudia Paas (documentary coordinator) respectively in Bamenda. Under the patronage of the divisional delegate of Arts and Culture Mr. Tume Fondzeyuf Keneth, they will work closely with interns of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts from the University of Bamenda and the DRACAM staff. Together, we will promote performing arts and culture from Bamenda in Bamenda.

Therefor DSCN7407we are examining the current interest in theatre in Bamenda by implementing a street and online survey, preparing theater and street performances to reach out to the public and work with organizations, initiatives and artists who promote the need for a cultural center in Bamenda with the aim to raise public awareness and interest in art and culture in Bamenda. All activities will be summarized in a documentary that will be presented at the end of the proDSCN7447ject.

Information about coming (street) theater performances will be published at our Facebook Page.

Furthermore, we invite you all to sign the petition for a cultural center in Bamenda! #culturalcenterbamenda

Check out the link: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/The_Minister_of_Arts_And_Culture_Republic_of_Cameroon_Bamenda_Needs_A_Cultural_Centre/?pv=8

DSCN7460 DSCN7492

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