Dream Reformation Association Cameroon organized a Youth Talent Competition from the 13th to the 20th of August 2017. In line with the main objective of Dream Reformation; which is to promote talent and creativity in young people, we organized this competition to identity and promote talents in young people

The competition comprised of Drawing and painting, Music and Dance, Drama, Designing and Football The official launching of this project took place on Sunday the 13th of August at Redeemer Baptist Church mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda under the auspice of Pastor Jato Samuel. The main objective of this launching was to encourage parents to always study their children, identify talents in them, and find opportunities for their children to showcase their talents either through online research, competitions. Talent shows and even promote them. Youths who were the center point of the day were encouraged to believe in their talents and exploit opportunities for themselves too. The program began with the director of Dream Reformation Mr. Jam Divine who talked on how talents in children/youths can be identified and promoted. Our two interns from Germany and Estonia Franziska Pich and Claudia Paas also talked on their experiences and encouraged the youths to believe in themselves no matter their background and challenges they face in life. A video of Dr. Nick Ngwanyam MD on career orientation was also projected during this program. More than 50 youths attended the program.

The football competition was partly sponsored by Orange Cameroon.

The competition ended on the 20th of August 2017with the following persons and teams as winners

Music Competition:     Therese Suiru

Drawing and painting Competition: Manesong Kenyem and Mbuh Afahnyi Samuel

Drama Competition: Weleh Evaristus

Designing Competition: Neneh Angel Nde, Lem Thelma, Afanyu Blessing Nde and Yembe Favour

Football Competition: Junior Banbulet FC; Antibiotic FC and White Eagles FC

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