Youth Leaders in the North West Region have resolved to choose peace over violence in resolving issues affecting them and the rest of the world. This resolution was arrived at last Saturday November 11 after a seminar in Bamenda organized by Dream Reformation Association Cameroon (DRACAM) in collaboration with the Centre for Participatory Research (CPR) and Finders Group Initiative (FGI Cameroon).

Organized under the theme: “A Stand for Peace and Security” and funded by Alert Fund for YOUTH, the seminar brought together over 30 youth leaders drawn from various youth associations and communities in and around the North West Region.DSC_1742 DSC_1759 DSC_1767 DSC_1810 DSC_1814

Speakers at this seminar included: Mr.Gaby Ambo Esq. Human Rights Advocate and Executive Director of Finders Group Initiative;  Mr. Pascal Che Ngeng, Youth Animator with the Arch Diocese of Bamenda, 2016 Peace and Security Awardee from the US Embassy in Cameroon and Association Rayons de Soleille and National Youth Council President for Bamenda II; Mr. Mbain Derek Ayeah, Central African Recruitment Officer for Pan African Universities Debate Council and National President of the Association of Young Communicators (AYOCOM), Tubuo Killian, Secondary School Teacher and Graduate of The Cameroon School of International Relations (IRIC); Ndifoin Beverly, NW Regional Representative of Noela Lyonga Foundation.

All speakers approched the idea of peace from the individual and most basic societal setup: family through to large communities of people, countries and the world at large. They were unanimous on the fact that the security of the world is at stake and strict respect of basic human rights as well as national laws will go a long way to help the situation. They implored all participants to take upon themselves as peace crusaders and seek more intellecxtual alterntives to resolving issues of human conflict.

The two-hour event ended with all participants committing to the option of peace over violence and promising to organise similar events in their respective associations, groups and communities.

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