• Youth-Centered
    Dream Reformation is and remains an organization dedicated to young people. What's more noble for young people than solving problems of their peers?
  • Proactive
    At Dream Reformation, we take the challenge of fostering change into our hands. All our projects are manned and run a hundred percent in-house
  • Community-Driven
    We're centred on problem-solving in our communities; we're all products of this community, how else would we give back to where we've taken all our lives?

Youth Leaders Vouch for Peace over Violence


Youth Leaders in the North West Region have resolved to choose peace over violence in resolving issues affecting them and the rest of the world. This resolution was arrived at last Saturday November 11 after a seminar in Bamenda organized by Dream Reformation Association Cameroon (DRACAM) in collaboration with the Centre for Participatory Research (CPR) and Finders Group Initiative (FGI Cameroon).

Organized under the theme: “A Stand for Peace and Security” and funded by Alert Fund for YOUTH, the seminar brought together over 30 youth leaders drawn from various youth associations and communities in and around the North West Region. (more…)



Dream Reformation Association Cameroon partnered with The Missy BK Foundation and economically empowered some women in Banjah Community in Bamenda with knowledge on Omo production, a liquid and solid detergent that plays an important role in home cleaning, in and out laundry of all categories. This followed a one month project that saw Dream reformation team and volunteers training women groups in Bamenda, last April.


The Last Virgin Trailer


When Love clashes with Faith in control of the Heart, shadows turn against nature. A love, musical, horror and action-filled piece.

This video produced by Dream Reformation was done within the context of our goal to enhance talent and creativity in Cameroonian youths. Set in the North West Region of Bamenda, it showcases the talents of the youths of this region, who form the entirety of its cast